Diary of Smells

This site documents Diary of Smells, an on-going, multi-sensorial project by Josely Carvalho in which she directly uses natural and artificial scents as protagonists among other typically dominant visual and sound components in her installations.

(2010) Ich Kann Ihn Nicht Riesen / I can’t smell him

Ich Kann Ihn Nicht Riesen / I can't smell him. Smell/Video, smell of open sea created in collaboration with Givaudan do Brasil. 2010.


The smell/video Ich kann ihn nicht risen/ I can’t smell him depicts the traveling of my avatar, Tracajá, a small yellow spotted turtle facing extinction from damming and water diversion projects in the Amazon basin, through the Gulf of Mexico to inspect the worst oil spill in U.S. history that has turned stretches of the area into a lifeless ocean in 2010. It also brings to surface the Chevron oil spill in the Bacia de Campos, Rio de Janeiro. The smell of open sea – a mixture of salty water, oil and ammonia for dead fish – is dispersed along with the video projection.

(2008 – 2009) Architectando

The development of the installation/project Diary of Smells:Nidus Vitreo dates from 2007 when the first resin glass branches were molded. The first installation, constructed of 250 branches, was Architectando. It was followed by Architectando: Elias’s Nest with 500 branches and six photographies in 2009.


Installation: 250 glass resin molded branches, mirrored film floor, photographic panel, smell of jasmin


Installation: 500 glass resin molded branches, mirrored film floor, photography & smell of jasmine. Shown at the Museu de Arte Contemporânea / MAC, São Paulo, 2009. Photo credit: João Caldas


It was only in 2010, that Diary of Images:Nidus Vitreo was shown at the National Museum of Fines Arts in Rio de Janeiro with 1000 branches, sound, projected smell texts, video, and four original smells.