(2008 – 2009) Architectando

by Josely Carvalho

The development of the installation/project Diary of Smells:Nidus Vitreo dates from 2007 when the first resin glass branches were molded. The first installation, constructed of 250 branches, was Architectando. It was followed by Architectando: Elias’s Nest with 500 branches and six photographies in 2009.


Installation: 250 glass resin molded branches, mirrored film floor, photographic panel, smell of jasmin


Installation: 500 glass resin molded branches, mirrored film floor, photography & smell of jasmine. Shown at the Museu de Arte Contemporânea / MAC, São Paulo, 2009. Photo credit: João Caldas


It was only in 2010, that Diary of Images:Nidus Vitreo was shown at the National Museum of Fines Arts in Rio de Janeiro with 1000 branches, sound, projected smell texts, video, and four original smells.