(2011) URU-KU as disciplinas esquecidas / URU-KU the forgotten disciplines

by Josely Carvalho

URU-KU, the forgotten disciplines, a video installation, consists of 750 branches dipped in glue and urucum, a firing red condiment powder used in most dishes in Brazil. Besides its characteristic smell, this deep red powder is in use around the world as a substitute for the carcinogenic red dye. In this installation, the produced artificial smell of nest used in Nidus Vitreo  was substituted by the natural smell of urucum that unexpectedly impregnated the branches and the whole exhibit space.  The video I can’t smell him, is projected on a large wall behind the branches installation.

Sifting urucum powder

Sifting urucum powder

Brushing glue

Brushing glue on the wooden branches


Gluing urucum powder on the wooden branches

URU-KU, the forgotten disciplines, 2011. Installation: 750 wood branches dipped in urucum powder, video projection and the smell of urucum. Photo credit: Tom Boecht