Viana: Olfactory Ginkana – Caminhada Olfativa

by Josely Carvalho

What do you smell when you walk around Viana?  Are you aware of the different smells that characterize the various places, corners, and neighborhoods of the town? Do you hear or see more than smell?  What do you remembers mostly? What are  the smells that identity Viana? What are the memories associated with them?

Marcílio de Noronha is a neighborhood of Viana  built as part of a Housing & Industrial project in 2006. A group of young people walked through the neighborhood searching for the smells that identify their living place. A video documented their walks as an olfactory map of the area. It  can be seen at

charcoal smell

Smell of Charcoal

Smell of rotten tomatoes in the garbage dump

Smell of plastic in the garbage dump

the smell explorers of Marcilio de Noronha

After the residence the group formed a video collective focusing in the documentation of environmental situations that can harm the area.