(2011-2012) Diário de Cheiros: Passagens / Diary of Smells: Passages, an installation at SESC, São Carlos, São Paulo

by Josely Carvalho

Passages is a sequence in the Diary of Smells: Nidus Vitreo.  It is constructed of 1.000 molded glass resin branches in the shape of an abandoned nest. Its memory comes from the original smell of nest dispersed from the sculpture. Sound and projected smell text memories are organized algorithmically in a random manner by a live computer programming. As the visitor leaves the inside space of the installation, 400 empty perfume bottles wait to be filled with personal smell memories.

Diary of Smells:Passages, installation at SESC, São Carlos, S.P., Brazil



Smell Flasks / Vidros de Cheiro

An on-going installation interactive project, 400 perfume flasks were filled with a memory of a smell during the exhibit at SESC, São Carlos

Vidros de Cheiro

Interactive installation: Smell Flasks / Vidros de Cheiro, SESC, São Carlos, SP. 2012

Flask # 511

#511. Smell of sunglasses. I have chosen this object because it reminds me my mother. She enjoyed that I liked the smell of plastic of the glasses I liked to buy. (Myrella Regedor de Alencar )


# 513. Smell of Cigarette Butt.My father used to smoke a lot and when I was about one year old, I took a butt and put it in my mouth and immediately I started vomiting. From this day on, he never smoke again. (Leticia Alves Franzini)

Flask # 493

#493. Smell of My Son. This pieces of red hair still keep the smell of chamomile shampoo I used to wash his head. He died at 10 months old. He was born in 1965 and died in 1966. He was exhumed fours years ago. When I saw the remains of his red hair, I took it with me and now I place it inside the perfume flask #493.  (Eliza Gonçalves Papa 25/02/2012)