(2012) São Carlos: Olfactory Ginkana – Caminhada Olfativa

by Josely Carvalho

What do you smell when you walk around São Carlos?  Are you aware of the different smells that characterize the various places, corners, and neighborhoods of the town? Do you hear or see more than smell?  What do you remember mostly? What are the smells that identify São Carlos? What are the memories associated with them?

We, as a group, in the last day of the exhibit Passages at SESC,  took a bus and went to three different areas of the town (Ecological Park, a Shopping Center and a downtown area)  searching for the smells that could identify the town of São Carlos. The    documentation consisted of voice recordings, video clips and photos.

Parque Ecólogico (photo credit: Eunice)

Cheiro de pato/Smell of a duck pond

Cheiro de iguana/Smell of Iguana

A seed that lacks smell. Animals do not eat them

Shopping Center (Photo credit: Sandra Fredericci)

Artificial smell placed in shoppings to increase sales

Smell of New bed linens

Cheiro de Sapato de Borracha Melissa / Smell of Rubber Shoes by Melissa

Downtown São Carlos

505.Cheiro de Praça/ Smell of Pigeons Square. For me, this smell characterizes  São Carlos, a town I grew up. As a child we use to go there to play with a midget that took care of the pigeons. (Marcel)